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New Products

Chanelle remain committed to innovation to improve the health of animals around the world. Our R&D facilities in Ireland and Jordon contain an active pipeline of new product ideas, making us a leading innovator in the development of generic pharmaceutical solutions.

Euthoxin® 500 mg/ml Pentobarbital Injection

Chanelle Vet UK are the first company to launch a Pentobarbital 500 mg/ml Injection in the UK for use on a wide range of species including large and companion animals.

Euthoxin 500 mg/ml is a stronger dose than any other pentobarbital injection products currently available on the UK and Irish markets which means less volume per dose and a better return for veterinary surgeons.

Euthoxin 500 mg/ml is now available from our wholesale partners in vials of 100ml. For further information on Euthoxin please click here

Low volume Dose
Pink Solution
Wide Range of Species
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Chanazone® 1 g Oral Powder

  • Chanazone® is a generic Phenylbutazone oral powder so it is bioequivalent to the brand leader
  • Chanazone®  is Apple Flavoured
  • Chanazone® indicated for the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions in the horse where relief from pain and a reduction in the associated inflammation is required, e.g. in lameness associated with osteoarthritic conditions, bursitis, laminitis and soft tissue inflammation, particularly where continued mobility is considered desirable.

It’s as easy as…

Apple Flavour
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Epityl® 60 mg Flavoured Tablets for Dogs

Epityl is indicated for the control of epilepsy in canines. The flavoured tablets use ‘snap’ tablet technology which can be halved and quartered for accurate dosing.

Snap Tablets, easily halved & quatered for accurate dosing
Flavoured tablets to encourage acceptance
Available in blister packs for easy & convenient dispensing
Also available in tubs for high volume dispensing
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Epromec® Pour-On

Eprinomectin 5 mg/ml Pour-on Solution

Approved For Use in Dairy Cattle


Manage Mites
Horn Flies
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Rumenil® 34 mg/ml Oral Drench for Beef & Dairy Cattle

Liver fluke disease is estimated to cost the UK agricultural industry up to £300 million per year. Economic losses caused by liver fluke are mainly associated with a decrease in meat and milk production.

Rumenil® is available in 5 litre dosing back pack.

Adult Liver Fluke
Tape Worm
No Known Resistance
Only 3 Day Milk Withdrawl
Approved For Use in Dairy Cattle
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Clavucill ®

Chanelle has relaunched Clavucill palatable tablets, a broad spectrum antibiotic to the UK Market.

Broad Spectrum Antibiotic
Kills Bacteria Rapidly
Excellent Absorption & Penetration
Simple Twice Daily Dosage
Dispensing Envelopes in Every Pack
Palatable Tablets
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