Chanelle create Equine generics to support your horses health and performance.

Equine Generics

At Chanelle it is our mission to be the first in supplying our customers with high quality competitively priced Equine Generics.

We understand that your horses health and performance is key and that’s why we continually strive to bring the highest quality competitively priced generics to market.

We are committed to innovation and continue to launch new Equine Generics.

In 2016 we launched Chanazone® Apple Flavored Granules, a generic Phenylbutazone powder for the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions in horses.

With the addition of Chanazone to our range we can now offer equine practices and horse owners a high quality, flavoured generic bute at an affordable price.

We have a very strong equine portfolio which is growing year on year, we are anticipating gaps in the market and striving to provide veterinary surgeons with high quality generics.

View our comprehensive portfolio of Equine generics below

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