Chanelle is a family run , leading provider of generic animal pharmaceuticals worldwide.

Chanelle Group

Ranking amongst the best companies in the veterinary pharmaceuticals sector in Europe.

At Chanelle we develop and manufacture a wide range of veterinary medicine and animal health products which are sold worldwide. We hold over 1700 animal health licenses registered in the EU and 500 animal health licenses registered in the rest of the world – the largest number of registered veterinary licenses of any company in Europe.

We at Chanelle are leading the way in research and development of generic veterinary products in our dedicated R&D facilities, three of which are based in Ireland and one in Jordan. Our sales offices are located in Galway, Ireland, Hungerford, UK and Mumbai, India.

Headquartered in Loughrea, Co Galway, Ireland, Chanelle has a presence in over 80 countries and currently employs 400 people.

Our Mission

“To be the first in providing our customers with high quality, competitively priced, generic pharmaceutical products and services to a world market. Our innovative and highly skilled workforce, whose development we are committed to, are vital to the achievement of our vision.”

Our Values

In addition, to our Mission Statement, our endeavours are guided by our values. They have been present since our inception in 1983 and are still a guiding force in our on-going activities.

Every action we take follows our core values of Integrity, Respect, Collaboration, Excellence and Leadership. These values embody the nature of how Chanelle Group operates. They enable us to bring safe and effective medicines to the world through the quality of our people, as well as through the quality of our products. They are the foundation of our commitment to customers and of our unceasing dedication to making a difference.

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